Store Value

We not only offer premium finished jewelry and unparalleled custom service, we also work with our client stores to assist in their marketing and sales growth.

Graphic Asset Library

We maintain a library of images and digital marketing for our clients to use on their websites and social media. This offers an easy way to keep your promotions up to date whilst directing the viewer to premium diamond jewelry and custom design. The library is consistently growing with new ideas and assets, all searchable by tags. Choose from theme, size and use, then add to your marketing for a quick return.

My Online Catalog

Many stores have websites and some even sell online, but at Diamond Expressions we offer a way to bring the customer into the store, by offering an easily implemented catalog of our handpicked jewelry for you to display.

Our Online Catalog strategy is simple: Digitally display specially curated products of superior quality to initiate a buying experience in your store. This catalog can be added with a few lines of code and acts as a catalyst for buyers to engage in the store experience.

CAD library

Our CAD library is unique and extensive. We offer access to this library for our clients. All cads have multiple views and are annotated. We have tag-categorized all CADS so you can find what you need quickly and easily. Note this our library does not contain our entire catalog (which would be too extensive for efficient use), so you can contact us for requests to search further.

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