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Custom Designs

Our custom design facilities are unparalleled. From unique and creative design to exceptional fabrication and finish, our business is driven by our custom design. Our finished jewelry is of course a product of our design and manufacturing facilities and as such, our quality is easy to sample. Our custom jewelry is proudly manufactured in the USA.

We can start with your CAD, drawing or ideas and together, create a piece of jewelry that will build lasting customer relationships. Alternatively, we offer a comprehensive online CAD library where we can, of course, make modifications and edits to suit your and your customer’s needs.

This is a small selection of the Custom Designs available. Please Login for full access.

Custom Design Your Own Unique Jewelry

The value proposition of our custom design and manufacturing can not be overstated. Let us show you how our integrated marketing and digital assets will help further build your custom design business, and how our products create clients for life.





Our CAD library is unique and extensive, this is only a small public sample. We offer access to this library for our clients. All CADs have multiple views and are annotated. We have tag-categorized all CADS so you can find what you need quickly and easily.


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