The elegance of Art
The elegance of Art

From historic time's diamonds are considered a symbol of power and dominance. People are interested in showing off their capabilities less by words but more by their outfits. The one with diamonds can be considered as one with high importance because he has the power stone in his hand or ears or neck sometimes.

Diamonds are so adorable, but the reason might get differ from individual thought. A woman said- diamonds can get you special attention where a parent said- diamonds bring us together, creating a special bond. So the definition of this beautiful piece of art differs for different people but there’s still one thing which is common between their words and that is the elegant nature of the diamond is something which makes it so special.

It is best written that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. You could imagine your moment when you first thought of buying a diamond I can bet over it that you definitely would have thought of a woman at that time. Why is it so? This is because the way diamonds are is similar to the nature of a woman. She is undefeatable, elegant, well-shaped, and appears to be the hand-made creation of god. Diamonds seem so similar to her you just need a perfect pair of undoubting eyes to see it.

In modern times when there are dozens of billionaires in each metro city in the world, diamonds can be seen in dozens of hands but let me tell you something it is less about affording a diamond but it is more about fitting in with a diamond.  The value of a diamond can indeed be listed out in a shop’s tag but when someone buys it the value of stone becomes the same as the value of a person. There are thousands of diamonds with zero value roaming in the five-star hotels but also few diamonds, might be small in size but with sumptuous value are shining bright in the hands of people.

A diamond is the mother earth’s one of the precious creations. If you think you can admire its value, you should buy one. It makes the human bond more robust.

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