Antique Diamonds  Vs  Modern Diamonds
Antique Diamonds Vs Modern Diamonds


Antique diamond is recognized for its low key, simple look and brilliance. In ancient times, diamond cutters assess rough diamonds and autonomously decide for one another about how to set the cutting criteria and lead it into a beautiful diamond. This is why every stone seems to be different and exclusive.


Old Mine Cut:

A diamond with an old mine cut consists of square belts with smooth rounded corners. Old mine cut diamonds possess with a tall crown, small and large counter. They are very much familiar with a cushion cut. Though old mine diamond differs in shape from stone and stone, they are nicely described as rounded squares.


Old European Cut

Old European Cut diamond is the predecessor to today's modern round brilliant diamond, as they are perfect circles. The characteristics of old European cut possess with large chalet, with a small table and frosted girdle. This diamond possesses the same number of a feature as a modern diamond.


Modern Cut:

Modern diamonds attributes with glossy and further geometric features than the antique counterpart.


Round Brilliant with Pave Engagement Ring:

Round Brilliant diamonds shine most intensely of any diamond. They get meticulous cuts with perfection in mind. Round brilliant diamonds are the hardest diamonds cutest and result in a maximum amount of rough loss. And so it is counted as premium among all shapes. They are finely used in making jewelry like eternity bands, diamond rings. We are the refining supplier of  Designer diamond eternity rings and customize diamond jewelry in Newyork


Cushion-Cut Micro Pave Engagement Ring:

Technically, the cushion cut diamond is the modern form of old mine cut diamond. In comparison to modern cuts, cushion cuts are deeper and possess large chalets along with rounded corners and rectangular outlines.


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